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Our line is safe for the environment, non-toxic and cruelty-free. None of our products are tested on animals. Est.1985 FROM NYC TO YOU!
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Fragrance-Free Body Care

Keep Calm and Switch to the Good Stuff. Take care of your body. Look good, feel good. Exercise, eat smartly, get enough sleep and choose non-toxic hand and body lotions.
Our body care products are the gentlest, simplest and purest products available. Period. Free of synthetic colors or dyes, alcohols or petroleum by-products, harsh alkalis or acids, carcinogenic or other harmful ingredients. None of these should ever be on your skin.
Here are all the products in this category:
Global Balance Facial Wash
Soap free, 100% fragrance free facial cleanser. Skin feels soft, not greasy or dry. 8 oz.
$ 6.80
Global Balance Hand & Body Wash
100% fragrance free, absolutely no synthetic colors or ingredients which can be irritating to sensitive skin. A small squirt is all that's needed. Economy size. 16 oz.
$ 9.70
Global Balance Moisturizing Lotion
100% fragrance free. Gentle, simple and pure. Concentrated for better value. It's so loved, that our customers never buy just one bottle. 16.oz.
$ 6.65
Global Balance Baby Shampoo & Body Wash
Global Balance Baby Shampoo and Body Wash is the safe choice for your baby. 100% fragrance free, no toxic ingredients, no formaldehyde and no1,4-dioxane. Its mild formula is also a great choice for adults with sensitive skin. 12 oz.
$ 6.95