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Our line is safe for the environment, non-toxic and cruelty-free. None of our products are tested on animals. Est.1985 FROM NYC TO YOU!
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No Kill Pest Solutions

Dealing with pests the humane way.
Mice and insects do not belong in our homes - let's take them outside without the use of traps and sprays that kill. The world is big enough for all its creatures - great and small. Remove mice, insects, spiders and bugs from your home -- where you don't want them --to the outdoors -- where they belong and where they are needed to maintain ecological balance.
Here are all the products in this category:
Smart Mouse Trap
Donít want to kill mice? You donít have to! Hereís the humane way to catch a mouse. Catch it, release it alive outside your home. No poison! No glue! Not a snap trap! Easy to use. Reusable. Sunrise Lane has been selling this humane mouse removal trap since 1985. Same day delivery in Lower-Mid Manhattan. Call 212-242-7014.
$ 12.75
No-Kill Bugbuster
Humane device for removing live insects and bugs from your home without the use of toxic sprays or glue strips. Does not electrocute the insect. Operates just like a vacuum cleaner - sucks and traps the insect into the tube. Release it alive in the outdoors by just removing the cap. Runs on a 9V battery (not included).
$ 12.25