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Our line is safe for the environment, non-toxic and cruelty-free. None of our products are tested on animals. Est.1985 FROM NYC TO YOU!
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No Kill Pest Solutions

Dealing with pests the humane way.
Mice and insects do not belong in our homes - let's take them outside without the use of traps and sprays that kill. The world is big enough for all its creatures - great and small. Remove mice, insects, spiders and bugs from your home -- where you don't want them --to the outdoors -- where they belong and where they are needed to maintain ecological balance. Read about the very important role of insects in The Sunrise Lane Blog on site menu.
Here are all the products in this category:
Smart Mouse Trap
No poison! No glue! Not a snap trap! Easy to use. Reusable. Catch the mouse and release it alive outside your home. Same day delivery in Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn . Call 212-242-7014.
$ 12.75
No-Kill Bugbuster
Sonic Technology's perfect device for removing live insects and bugs from your home without the use of toxic sprays. Operates just like a vacuum cleaner - sucks and traps the insect in tube. Release it alive in the outdoors by just removing the cap . Runs on a common 9V battery (not included). Easy to assemble.
$ 12.25