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Our line is safe for the environment, non-toxic and cruelty-free. None of our products are tested on animals. Est.1985 FROM NYC TO YOU!
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No-Kill Bugbuster
Hand shown operating the bugbuster as it vacuums live spider into its long tube.

$12.25  Bugbuster Spider and Bug Vacuum captures bugs and insects safely at arm’s length. Ideal for anyone who cannot stand the thought of killing or touching live insects and bugs. Its powerful suction draws the insect into the plastic tube.  Close tube with removable cap.  Take the No-Kill Bugbuster outside and release the insect without any contact.  Measures 15 inches in length and operates on a single 9V battery (not included).  Reusable, simple to use, long lasting and effective.  Made by Sonic Technology.



Bugbuster Quantity Discount - $12.25 each - Keep a Bugbuster handy in different parts of your house for quick access.10% off on 3 or more.
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Here is another product for your cruelty-free home:

Smart Mouse Trap
Donít want to kill mice? You donít have to! Hereís the humane way to catch a mouse. Catch it, release it alive outside your home. No poison! No glue! Not a snap trap! Easy to use. Reusable. Sunrise Lane has been selling this humane mouse removal trap since 1985. Same day delivery in Lower-Mid Manhattan. Call 212-242-7014.
$ 12.75