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Smart Mouse Trap
Mouse shown next to transparent green plastic trap in the shape of a small house

$12.75 This mouse trap does not kill the mice. The mouse goes into the plastic box, the door shuts and then you release it outdoors without touching or harming it. Works with or without bait. Instructions on how to use the trap and tips on how to mouse proof your home are included. Reusable. Made of hard, polished plastic and stainless steel.  Measures 6" x 2"

See this How To video by Mousetrap Genius



Smart Mouse Trap Quantity Discount - $12.75 each -10% off on 6 or more.
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Bac-Out Stain & Odor Remover
Get rid of tough stains and odors fast with non toxic Bac-Out. Say goodbye to pet stains, diaper stains, baby poo, wine, carpet and laundry stains! 16 oz.
$ 9.15
No-Kill Bugbuster
Humane device for removing live insects and bugs from your home without the use of toxic sprays or glue strips. Does not electrocute the insect. Operates just like a vacuum cleaner - sucks and traps the insect into the tube. Release it alive in the outdoors by just removing the cap. Runs on a 9V battery (not included).
$ 12.25