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Our line is safe for the environment, non-toxic and cruelty-free. None of our products are tested on animals. Est.1985 FROM NYC TO YOU!
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Green Home Cleaners

Cleaners and dishwashing products do not need toxins to do the job!
Our products clean well, scrub effectively, shine surfaces . . . they perform well without adding pollutants to your home environment and ultimately after the task is done, they do not end up polluting our streams, rivers and oceans.
Here are all the products in this category:
Mabu Cloths
Soft, long lasting, absorbent cleaning cloths. Color coded for different uses. 3 per pack. Sold for years in England & Canada to loyal fans. Now available at Sunrise Lane.
$ 15.45
e-cloth Kitchen Cloth
Durable kitchen cloth with special non-scratch scrubbing pocket. Removes 99% of bacteria, including E. coli and Listeria, using just water. Save money by reducing the use of paper towels and cleaning products. Chemical free.
$ 7.50
e-cloth Shower Pack
Shower pack comes with two cloths - an extra thick, absorbent bathroom cloth and a glass & polishing cloth. Works just with water. No chemicals. Removes 99% of all bacteria. Cloths are machine washable.
$ 14.50
Global Balance Dishwashing Liquid
Gentle, effective dish liquid with no harmful ingredients. No synthetic colors or perfumes. Lightly scented with oil of orange. Biodegradable. 32 oz.
$ 6.50
Global Balance All-Purpose Cleaner
A very effective, liquid all-purpose cleaner you can use anywhere. No petroleum distillates. Highly concentrated . Will not streak and it's rinse free. 32 oz.
$ 6.88
Sun & Earth All Purpose Cleaner
Easy to use spray bottle for all sorts of cleaning chores. No phosphates. No petroleum based solvents, artificial dyes, no chemical preservatives or synthetic fragrances. Biodegradable.
$ 7.80
Sun & Earth Glass Cleaner
Ammonia-free, non-toxic and streak free with a fresh citrus scent. Great for cleaning glass and much more! Safe to use around kids and pets. 22 oz.
$ 7.80