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Mabu Cloths
package of 3 eco-friendly cleaning cloths, color-coded

$15.45 Cut down on the use of paper towels and start saving money from the first time you use Mabu.  Made of 100% natural wood pulp fiber, its unique open weave absorbs bacteria and releases it when rinsed so your cloth won't develop a permanent sour smell so common with other cloths. Use this long lasting, reusable, highly absorbent cloth for cleaning, washing dishes or for any other chore. Chemical free.

3 color coded cloths in each pack, so you can dedicate a cloth to different rooms and tasks.  

11.4" x 11.4" 3 mabu cloths per pack

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Here are other great cleaning cloths Sunrise Lane carries:

e-cloth Kitchen Cloth
Durable, non shredding kitchen cloth with special non-scratch scrubbing pocket. Removes 99% of bacteria. Use with just water. Save money by reducing the use of paper towels and cleaning products. Chemical free.
$ 7.50
e-cloth Shower Pack
Shower pack comes with two cloths - an extra thick, absorbent all bathroom surfaces cleaning cloth and a glass & polishing cloth. Perfect cleaning with just water. No chemicals. Removes 99% of all bacteria. Cloths are machine washable.
$ 14.50