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Earth Matters!
Earth Matters!

Our Sunrise Lane blog brings you up to speed on the most pressing environmental issues we face today. Written by Sherry Fyman.
discarded plastic bag on shore
March 12, 2018

We look around these days and are plunged into despair. Weíre all concerned about climate change and the devastating impact our choices have on the environment. We seem to read daily about increased flooding, unusual storm patterns, unexpected and often hugely destructive storms. Hereís a great site to find current blogs and articles:

Many of us feel quite helpless in the face of these unique problems. While we can and should continue to press Washington for strong leadership, we realize that we canít rely on the present administration to take the steps necessary to promote the goal of environmental sustainability.

Individual action can make all the difference. What I mean is - we need to take matters into our own hands. In 1985, along with my partner, Rossella Mocerino, I started Sunrise Lane. We want to help our customers reach one of the first goals of environmental sustainability: reduce pollution that harms the environment.

Since Day 1 of our business, weíve been partnering with businesses committed to healing the earth and to finding new and better ways to get their products to you.

Take for example the Global Balance home care products we sell. One of the big concerns of Global Balance is to produce mild products that work well while at the same time reflect a concern for the impact on the environment. Thatís been one of their core values since they began. But the product itself is just the beginning. Uppermost in their research and design is packaging: less plastic, less waste. And thatís why we are proud to sell them. Check out Global Balance Dishwashing Liquid, itís their best seller in the home care line.

We might not be able to change government policy in Washington at present, but we believe that small steps accumulate and matter. Start today. Shop Green.

graphic of cherry tree with two blue cherries
Our climate is changing and the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the main culprit. What causes the increase in carbon dioxide? Greenhouse emissions. And we are the major cause of those emissions through our burning of carbon-rich fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas. Because of fossil fuel burning, atmospheric carbon dioxide is at its highest level in at least 2 million years. It is essential that we understand our impact on the world around us, if we are to make informed decisions about the future, both on the personal as well as the national level. The global increase in greenhouse gases is causing significant and increasingly severe climate changes including global warming, loss of sea ice, sea level rise, stronger storms, and more droughts. Some people will say they are skeptical about the reality of climate change and global warming. Skepticism is good. It means carefully considering the full body of evidence before reaching a judgment. But often climate skeptics are simply overlooking the full body of evidence. They take small pieces of the puzzle rather than look at the total picture. They are cherry picking pieces of evidence that reinforce their bias. Selective cherry picking could have you thinking this is a blue cherry tree but what does the full body of evidence tell you? For loads more information on climate change issues, click the above link to
graphic of compost at greenmarket
Food comprises about 17% of NYC's waste stream. When this material is sent to a landfill it contributes to NYCs disposal costs and can create greenhouse gas emissions. When composted, food scraps and other organic waste become a useful product that adds nutrients and improves the quality of soil for street trees, gardens and more. Check out the above link for drop-off sites on
graphic of Airport Carbon Accredited Neutrality
Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) International airport is one of only 23 airports worldwide to achieve the milestone distinction of "Level 3+ Neutrality". Carbon neutrality occurs when the net carbon dioxide emissions over an entire year is zero, meaning the airport absorbs or offsets the same amount of carbon dioxide as it produces. DFW Airportís accomplishment culminates nearly two decades of sustainability efforts to reduce its own emissions and carbon footprint, and thereby contribute to the regional effort to clean the air in the Dallas Fort Worth area. "We recognize that environmental improvement is an economic, social and business imperative for the Airport and for the community we serve," said Jim Crites, executive vice president for operations at DFW Airport. "Sustainability touches everyone and this work helps ensure a brighter tomorrow for our children as well as our Dallas Fort Worth area partners and neighbors." If one airport can be carbon neutral, so can others.